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Girls’ Day 2015 at censhare

Girls‘ Day is an event organized on a Germany-wide basis which specifically aims to inspire enthusiasm amongst participants in technical careers and working with technology. Technical careers are multi-faceted and offer outstanding prospects and career opportunities.

Seven girls visited censhare AG’s group headquarters in Munich Pasing. The young women were accompanied by an experienced censhare employee and two trainees specializing in IT and system integration who provided the pupils with a good insight into working processes at censhare.

At censhare the girls gained an understanding of hardware (computers, servers and network administration) and discovered the working methods deployed and what is produced at a software company. However, they also had the chance to work hands-on as IT specialists, setting up servers and computers themselves, installing various operating systems and analyzing the server and network environments.

The next Girls’ Day will take place in 2016 and censhare is looking forward to welcoming lots of talented young ladies interested in technology.

And what do girls themselves think about it?

Everything today has been great, really everything. I imagined this profession like I've seen it in the Girls' Day.

Cool, that we could install operating systems and have a look at the server room ourselves. I already had an idea about taking care of computers and software but now I have a much clearer picture.

I did not imagine that this profession is so complex and there are so many areas in which you can go deeper.

Above all, the programming was crazy as well as complicated.

I found it exciting to be able to look over the shoulders of someone who is an advanced programmer.

I never got what happens with computers, but now I understand it better and have a clearer picture of the profession.

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