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censhare Ready to Rock at OMR with Real Time Announcement

censhare Ready to Rock at OMR with Real Time Announcement

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Fast growing, content management innovator, censhare, will unveil a sneak peak into its latest R&D project at the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) event in Hamburg, March 22.

With its highly scalable, real time, semantic content engine (described by censhare as Universal Smart Content Management ) in collaboration with its partners, 360Dialog , Facelift , and sonobeacon , censhare is building a glimpse of the next generation, real time Digital Experience (DXP) platform which will launch later in the year.

Recognizing that ultra convenience and real time will mark the next wave of digital disruption, this agile vendor has been quick to respond to this market need. The solution being launched at OMR will enable clients to consistently address their audience across multiple digital channels and bring this highly relevant, concierge like, digital experience to physical customer encounters with innovative beacon technology.

Being at the forefront of this innovation shows that censhare is seeing a return on the R&D investment recently put into the business by the European Investment Bank .

"Since the founding of this company in 2001, we have had a vision empowerment through information and the key to this empowerment is immediate access" commented Dieter Reichert, Founder and CEO of censhare. "I'm delighted that we are able to make this step forward. We used to talk about social channels or the mobile phone, but now it's chat bots and virtual assistants and these require an immediate and real time content experience that delivers on this vision".

Aside from unveiling this new product direction, censhare will also share its experience in real time marketing via a workshop led by two veterans of customer experience development and content marketing, Peter Makovitzky and Ian Truscott, who will discuss how marketers need to Rock to the Beat of Real Time .

For more information about this new product unveiling, OMR or the workshop, please contact us .