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cenblog dedicated to publishing and collaboration topics

censhare in the blogosphere

We are firmly convinced that the open exchange with customers, interested individuals and companies, partners and members of staff is a basic element of future communication and cooperation. The new censhare blog has been set up with the intention of making work at and with censhare even more transparent: we will be addressing and discussing the information management of the future, change management processes in companies, as well as the latest developments at censhare, or quite simply our day to day experience and all of the issues and questions arising in this context.


Our cenblog is now online, featuring articles and comments by censhare staff as well as professionals who work in the publishing sector. You will find a lively mix of sophisticated contributions as well as a look behind the scenes at censhare offices worldwide.

The initial contributions include new reading habits with eBooks, problems with 24/7 support in international companies and many other topics.

Now it is up to you to join in at censhare. We are looking forward to a lively exchange with the censhare community and your comments, ideas and contributions.