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Shopping basket and wish list: New functions in Media Asset Management

In the latest version censhare Media Asset Management now provides a wish list function and an integrated shopping basket – useful helpers for a multitude of applications. As in a shop system, users can collect assets in the wish list for subsequent orders, or can place their orders directly in the shopping basket.

censhare basket

This is highly practical for pre-selections by picture editors, as well as for extensive searches within the system. These functionalities are also convenient for gathering business printed matter or contents that are still undergoing production and ordering them at a later date.

censhare offers individual shopping baskets and wish lists for each individual user that can also be called up as assets themselves within the system. In the case of an order, shopping baskets and wish lists can be automatically generated as assets, and the entire shopping basket can be exported at the press of a single button. Even better, both functions are now also available for external users in the WebClient.