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censhare (Switzerland) AG is charting a growth course

censhare AG is a decidedly multicultural organization, and we are represented on virtually all continents in the meantime. Our Swiss subsidiary censhare (Switzerland) AG based in Zurich is not quite so far afield from our Munich headquarters. The company is headed by Jürg Weber and his team has been growing steadily.

In addition to Isabella Lau-Kunz who is active in the marketing and administration area, Hannah Zagrosek has now come on board, while the project manager team is welcoming Philipp Hübscher and Matthias Walti as new members. With these additions, censhare (Switzerland) AG is starting the year 2011 with 7 members of staff.

If you would like to support our worldwide censhare team with your competence and know-how take a look at our career pages.