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Omnichannel Content Management

censhare controls and automates the management and production of content for all touchpoints, regions and languages.

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Content for All Channels

Content is often created in channel specific silos, complicating a unified content strategy and multichannel customer experience. Sharing content, rights management and integration issues increase costs and production times. Regional adaptations and translations only serve to raise the complexity further.

censhare is different. Omnichannel Content Management enables a company-wide content strategy from one central platform, simplifying content marketing and content lifecycle management. Content and translation management for print, web and social media, along with outputs to all external systems helps to reduce costs and production times with consistent, multi-language communications.

Content Management

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Using the intuitive content editor, content is created in XML without exposing users to complexity. Content is ready for all channels, campaigns and systems.

  • Integrated content editor with output channel previews

  • Multi-lingual standard document structure based on XML

  • Different variants for output channels with specific characteristics

  • Notifications, workflows and automatic processes manage change

  • Process control from brief to design to production across the complete content lifecycle

Translation Management

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With support for all languages and optional automatic segment translation, you can manage the localization of content for all languages and regions.

  • Translation support for Adobe InCopy, XML and Office documents

  • Self-learning translation memory system

  • Company-wide terminology database

  • Variations with regional and language specific characteristics

  • Integration of external translation services via XLIFF interface

  • Centralized workflow management

Print Content Management

Plan and produce print products such as magazines, catalogs, price lists and data sheets with the editorial system – manually, partially or fully automated. Manage creation and production with integrated page planning and full transparency for all users. Integration with Adobe InDesign and InCopy supports your experts in their creative process with plug-in integration and parallel editing of all objects. With the layout editor, print management just go easier: users can produce print products without workstation licenses or DTP knowledge.

  • Integrated page planning for layouts, adverts and print sheets

  • Full Adobe InDesign and InCopy integration

  • Integrated layout editor for Adobe InDesign templates

  • Drag and drop placement of media, products and other content

  • Resource planning and centralized workflow management

  • Collaboration with comments, markers and notes

  • Automated functions

  • Support for Adobe InDesign scripts

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Personalization and Relevance for Your Customer

Delivering your audience with personalized content is easier said than done but Econsultancy has tackled the subject of breaking down traditional departmental barriers in order to gain real time customer insight in its Digital Therapy Thursday.

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Web Content Management (CMS)

censhare Digital Experience Platform: Web Content Management of the application Omnichannel Content Management.

A flexible CMS platform for producing and maintaining single and multi site portals, websites, microsites and communities. Optimized for highly dynamic, heavily frequented sites.

Site Management

  • Simple site administration

  • Many standard widgets

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript support

  • Flexible, adjustable and expandable

Personalized Content

  • Flexible targeting rules

  • Sophisticated tracking

  • Integration with any analytic tools

Scalable Delivery

  • Low infrastructure requirements

  • Use our hosting, or your own

  • Simple scaling including auto scaling

  • High availability

Social Media Management

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Integrate social media services for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in your content management processes.

  • Instant or timed publication from censhare

  • Integration and visualization of statistics

  • Centralized workflow management

Content as a Service

censhare Digital Experience Platform: Content as as service of the application Omnichannel Content Management.

Automated interfaces and exports ensure seamless connections with external newsletter, CMS, App and POS systems to manage all commerce and content marketing measures.

  • Integrated newsletter production

  • Automatic transformations into any XML format

  • XML and HTML export

  • XML feeds

  • REST interface

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