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Digital Experience Platform

Welcome to the new generation of Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Content and Brand Management.

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Master Complexity. Create Value

A multitude of marketing management software is available promising to master the rapid rise of touchpoints and digital interactions. However, isolated individual solutions only increase complexity and raise costs, leaving valuable information buried in silos.

censhare is different. The Digital Experience Platform pools all content within one information-centric network with a consistent user interface - available wherever and whenever required, without media gaps or process integration issues. censhare realizes relevant, engaging communications with precision across all channels. With censhare, you establish a strategic hub for your current and future business models, granting you the freedom to gradually implement powerful digital transformation.

censhare manages, publishes and optimizes customer interactions consitently across all touchpoints and channels.
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Content Aggregation, Orchestration and Management

Unite all your content management in one central system. The semantic network generates new information from relations between objects and makes this information available wherever required. External datasets can be easily consolidated from any external sources with our flexible interfaces.

Digital Asset Management

censhare manages and connects every type of digital content within a central system, seamlessly integrated into all processes.

Digital Asset Management Details

Product Information Management

censhare connects product master data with all relevant information and media for output across all channels.

Product Information Management Details

Social Collaboration and Process Management

Collaboration and Process Management of censhare Digital Experience Platform

Foster agile collaboration and support your teams in exchanging information and ideas with the integrated social collaboration functions. Process management ensures efficient planning and tasks and resource allocation.

Collaboration and Process Management

censhare coordinates effective collaboration between your employees and partners, independent of time or location.

Collaboration and Process Management Details
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Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies

Dive into the world of DXP with this report from Digital Clarity Group - bringing you a tantalizing low down on cross sector DXP implementation strategies.

Read More in the Report

Context, Relevance and Touchpoints

Connect user profiles with content to create the context for relevant communications with all target groups. Integrated content management, targeting and personalization software enable precise publication of inspiring content at the right time, on the right channel and in the right format.

Omnichannel Content Management

censhare manages and automates the production of content for all touchpoints, regions and languages.

Omnichannel Content Management Details

Brand Management

censhare ensures consistent brand leadership across all channels, employees, partners, regions and languages.

Brand Management Details

Unified User Experience

Unified user interface of censhare Digital Experience Platform

Benefit from a consistent user experience with outstanding performance for your marketing management system. censhare’s modern interface centrally manages access to content and features for all users via roles, rights and tasks.


censhare combines the semantic networking of information and processes with class leading performance and scalability.

More About censhare Technology

What Makes Us Special

  • Silo Free Information Management

    Central management of all content and processes. Master digital transformation and the complex interactions of information, tasks and individuals.

  • Information Centric Approach

    Contextual relations between information and interactions. Design relevant, engaging communications with your target groups whether customers, partners or employees.

  • Smooth Collaboration

    Unified user interface for all users and tasks. Optimize control and project management with agile methods, collaborative tools and automation.

  • Seamless Integration

    Open interfaces to any external sources and applications. Create a strategic hub for your digital and analog communication processes.

  • State Of The Art Technology

    Built on the the latest technologies and open standards. Benefit from our tried and tested, and highly scalable architecture and packaged software Made in Germany.

  • Open Partnership

    Full transparency regarding products and strategies. Join forces with a reliable partner that not only puts customers center stage, but is also committed to trust and honesty.

Universal, Smart Content Management

All applications extend the functionality of censhare and are completely integrated with each other. All content and information is part of the semantic network and available in every application.

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