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Collaboration and Process Management

censhare coordinates effective collaboration between your employees and partners, independent of time or location.

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Working Together Successfully

Smooth collaboration between all parties has a massive bearing on the success of a project. Can you establish best communications between internal and external teams? Are your projects within the set time frame and budget?

censhare paves the way for a new approach to cooperation. Collaboration and Process Management integrates a communications and workflow management system across the entire company and beyond – for all content, tasks and resources. With censhare, you can look forward to successful projects and effective teams.

Workflow Management

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Individual business processes and process steps control your workflows for every project with effective automation. All users know what has to be done at all times.

  • Unlimited freely definable processes

  • Workflow driven automation

  • Flexible workflow targets

Integrated Communications

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Collaboration tools facilitate to work with colleagues on any object, create notes, assign new tasks and streamline the collaborative process.

  • Chat function for every object

  • Marker and note functions

  • Integrated task creation

  • Email notifications

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Agile Working, Collaborative Tools, Social Enterprise and Marketing Tech

Design the Digital Transformation by a reorganization of your marketing and the optimization of processes and technologies. Learn how working in agile ways is helpful and what the drivers towards, barriers to, and benefits of transformational agility are.

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Project and Resource Management

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Using the integrated project collaboration software, your teams and external partners can keep track of all tasks and resources at all times.

  • Transparent project overview

  • View of tasks and resources

  • Gantt chart

  • Workload overview


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With individual roles and rights, you can manage permissions and functionality available to users.

  • Granular rights management for roles and users

  • Access rights for content and functions

  • Multitenancy capability

Universal, Smart Content Management

All applications extend the functionality of censhare and are completely integrated with each other. All content and information is part of the semantic network and available in every application.

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