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censhare ecosphere days 2018

March 6 – 7, Denver, CO

Thank you for attending ecosphere 2018. We were fortunate enough to have some great speakers and you can find out more about them below and download their presentations.


  • Cathy McKnight

    Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations of Digital Clarity Group

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    As a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group and leader of its enterprise consulting practice, Cathy helps organizations transform the way technology enables business strategy and performance. In her current role, Cathy has helped dozens of companies realize their content and marketing/communication objectives.

  • David Lipsey

    Partner & CRO at KlarisIP

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    David Lipsey is a well-known industry founder and contributor to DAM projects. He has 20 years of experience in the diversified media and entertainment sectors including newspapers, trade, education and technical publishing, magazines, commercial printing, syndication services, cable, broadcast and studio work. He is widely known as an innovative thought leader and speaker on contemporary content issues.

  • Rainer Heckmann

    COO censhare US, Inc.

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    Rainer Heckmann leads censhare’s business in the USA. He worked with international customers across the globe and has an extensive background in enterprise software and product marketing.

Day 1



Welcome & Keynote

Rainer Heckmann, COO, censhare US

DAM has been quickly evolving for the past 25 years. Like most technology, the features that were associated with first and second generation DAMs would be considered basic functionality today. Dam began as a place to store media files and a database to find the assets then eventurally incorprorated workflows, taxonomy, editing, permissions and XML. Today, in DAMs third generation, a quality DAM also features a review and approval process, task management, reporting, translations and cross channel delivery, but what is in store for the fourth generation of DAM?



Opening Keynote

David Lipsey, Partner & CRO, KlarisIP

DAM 2020: A Clear Focus on the Past, and a Bright Future


sgsco Use Case

Bruno Schrappe, VP Digital Research & Development, sgsco

Creating, managing and distributing product content from CPG companies to a wide array of channels and retailers requires resources beyond traditional DAM and PIM solutions, especially on data architecture and transformations. The case study will present how sgsco bridges the gap between physical and digital content access points to consumers. censhare and its graph database will be showcased as a flexible content repository feeding distribution channels such as an online Product Library and API endpoints (leveraging XSL transformations) as well as integration to a data engine performing input and output data operations.



GoPro Use Case

Sarah Cervinski, Product Owner Content Management, GoPro

Understanding the need for a DAM solution for video production and implementing one early on, has allowed for success in the ability to scale and integrate the DAM as the company's needs grow and change. Matching the rapid growth of the company, handling more content from more users locally and globally, pre and post production workflow integrations, Rights Management integrations, integrating with publishing and marketing platforms can only be possible with a successful DAM solution at the center of it all. These are all good challenges to have and indications of an in-demand DAM. In this case study, the GoPro DAM Team will share GoPro's story of their on-going development, integrations, and roadmap for DAM.



Mobile Strategy

Jonny Kaldor, CEO, Pugpig

Take control of your mobile engagement strategy! - While social media is vital for reaching huge audiences, the platform owners dictate the terms of business and leave brands fighting for attention amid a sea of other distractions. In this session Jonny will give an overview of the global mobile market and talk about ways in which brands can build their own platforms to engage their audiences directly.



From DAM to MAD – digital asset management in the age of customer experience management

Cathy McKnight, Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations of Digital Clarity Group

Digital asset management (DAM) needs to be more than just a place to store photos and videos. Today’s informed customers demand experiences with every interaction. So lets look at moving beyond just a content repository for digital assets, to a system - which you might call MAD, for marketing assets on demand - that consolidates content and assets from multiple sources to orchestrate the integrated, omnichannel experiences buyers now seek.



Metadata today and tomorrow: What you need to know to stay ahead of the game

Mindy J Carner, Senior Manager in Information Management with metadata and taxonomy specialty, ‎Optimity Advisors

Understanding the impact that applying high quality, low quality, or no metadata to your digital assets and content will have on your digital ecosystem will mean the difference between a successful digital transformation or new product rollout, and the various pitfalls that many companies face including low or no user buy in, poor data quality, and unstructured business process. This session will cover some basics of metadata and then expound on how upstream and downstream data flows impact the entire lifecycle of your digital assets and content.




Droga5 Use Case

Jennifer Candelario, CIO, Droga5

The journey from decision stage to what we are doing now.


F.A. Davis Use Case

George Ricciardi, Director of Management Information Systems and Internet Services, F.A. Davis

Change management, how we succeeded and ROI presentation.


Day 1 Closing Remarks

Client Speakers

  • Sgsco
  • GoPro Logo
  • droga5 Logo
  • FA Davis

Day 2




Rainer Heckmann, COO, censhare US

Recap of day 1 and welcome.



David Lipsey, Partner & CRO, KlarisIP



PIM Use Case

Chris Leaman, Managing Director US, MSP International Services

This past year censhare partner, MSP, worked with a new client, Steinberg, to create their new PIM system. They needed to update their processes and integrate with multiple other systems. This discussion will focus on how the PIM system was implemented based on the standard censhare PIM structure and integrate into multiple systems.




Rich Carroll, Technical Account Manager, ‎IO Integration

Project management within censhare.



censhare Roadmap



Rainer Heckmann, COO, censhare US

Rainer will summarize the event with closing comments.

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