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Speed Is the Name of the Game

How censhare manages multimedia financial communication for full-service agency excellents.

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There is hardly an area where the time honored adage of "time is money" applies so aptly and directly than in financial communication, where up to the minute information equals tangible financial advantages. And who should be more aware of this than the people at media4markets, the leading specialist agency for financial communication. As a corporate publisher and marketing specialists the agency that serves a predominantly banking clientele with media offerings in print, TV, web and as apps. A team of some 40 specialized journalists, 15 art directors and 11 media designers join forces with 10 cameramen and create print magazines, films, software for mobile computers or newsletters for the financial world - from the initial ideas all the way through to production and realization. This involves products such as the customer magazine "Markets and Certificates" with a monthly circulation of around 100,000 copies. As managing director Carolin Schuberth emphasizes, speed was never more important than today: "Today, we are all online and using apps and this presents us with completely different demands. Communication proceeds at a faster pace. Especially in the case of customer magazines the information and content involved must be as up to the minute as possible."

It almost goes without saying that these demands can only be met by making the most of leading edge media production technology. A new orientation was also called for at media4markets - and the decision was made in favor of censhare software solutions. In a record period of time of only one month media4markets made the change to what is probably the most innovative Digital Experience Platform currently available. One of the reasons why this implementation was so speedy and successful is certainly the fact that there was no in-house installation involved as the company chose to rent the software - at favorable costs and free of risk.

"With censhare" as Carolin Schuberth explains, "we put the preconditions in place to provide our customers with information as rapidly as possible." The decisive aspect was the fact that censhare is capable of serving all media channels from a central content pool. This means that contents originally recorded for a print production can be used to generate web pages or even an app - at the touch of a few buttons. Moreover, it was important for the agency to be able to integrate editors distributed across the globe into the production process - and this is where censhare excels. One of the key objectives was to lighten the workloads of the editorial office, and streamline processes - and censhare has succeeded in accomplishing this. And that is why we are already planning for the future: soon, we will be producing additional newsletters, and we are also considering iPhone and iPad versions. Media4markets is aiming to make use of all media channels in parallel and in censhare has found a software solution that is has been crafted to cover all these requirements.

We regard censhare as a platform to get our messages across to customers in a very direct and immediate manner, and as quickly as possible.

Carolin Schuberth
Managing Director

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About excellents

In 2012, media4markets GmbH rebranded to excellents communication concepts GmbH. As an owner-operated full-service agency excellents specializes in communication solutions, design, corporate publishing, online media, gaming and educational research - all from one source, effectively and efficiently. Through our years of experience, especially in the financial sector, we are focused to implement sustainable marketing strategies for our clients. We accompany you from concept to completion of your campaign - you benefit from our know-how and experience.

excellents communication concepts GmbH
Obere Stadt 11
95326 Kulmbach / Germany