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Winter is coming! Time to Plan Your Next Holiday…

Winter is coming! Time to Plan Your Next Holiday…

I’ve been meeting and interviewing dozens of people at companies all over the world, and I’m always struck by how diverse our customer base is. We’ve spoken to publishers, media companies, retailers, membership organizations, holiday companies, marketing agencies, and more. I never fail to be impressed by the ingenious ways people use our software to solve problems we didn’t even know existed.

So we’d like to share with you some of the great things our customers are doing with censhare.

Travelling a long way since 1983

Newmarket Holidays was founded in 1983 and originally specialized in guided breaks sold through newspapers. It offered the services behind the tours, while the holidays were branded according to which title they were sold through. Today, like any travel provider, it sells just as many holidays online or over the phone. And it has broadened its horizons as people have become more adventurous in their choice of destination. Today, you can visit Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis or Father Christmas in Lapland and take a cruise anywhere from the Shetland Isles to the Ganges.

Liam Bennet is digital asset coordinator at Newmarket Holidays, and he has been leading a project to implement censhare as a digital asset management (DAM) system to get a handle on 50,000 or so travel images that are used across the company’s diverse marketing materials.

Small is beautiful

Given that we’ve published case studies this year with Hearst and Mohn Media (part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group), some might wonder why we also chose to feature Newmarket Holidays. It’s a relatively small company, and Liam and his team are only using one part of censhare’s overall capabilities.

But that’s exactly why we did want to share the story! It’s true that some of our customers manage millions of assets in censhare, where Newmarket Holidays is “only” organizing a few thousand. And yes, there are companies that use censhare in dozens of ways to streamline processes for thousands of staff in global organizations.

But this leads many people to think that censhare is only for those large enterprises with huge budgets and complex working practices. That’s not true at all.

We love that Liam took a careful approach and started small with a DAM. That was what Newmarket Holidays needed at the time, and you can read more about exactly why Liam chose to do this in the case study. Crucially, he saw the long term value in working with us to expand beyond that initial use case and bring efficiencies to more of his company’s marketing processes. He’s planning to roll censhare out in phases, which means it’s easier on budgets, easier on him to manage, and easier on users who have to learn new (but more streamlined) ways of working.

We’ve written a complete case study which you can read here , and learn about what attracted Liam to censhare over other DAM solutions, and how he and his team are bringing order to thousands of images while treading a steady path to more streamlined ways of working. Or you can check out this infographic for a quick overview.

Picture Your Dream Getaway

Newmarket Holdiays was looking for a way to organize its travel imagery, but got more than it bargained for with censhare. Read this case study to learn how Newmarket Holidays went from just image management to automated publication, and opened the door to many more marketing automation possibilities in the future.

Download Case Study
Emily Nicholls Emily Nicholls

Emily’s career and keen interest for all things marketing started in the computer games industry working for a major publisher and distributor. Her love has grown over the last 10 years for technology and this fast paced evolution has then taken her to web content, ecommerce, mobile and data. An alumnus of censhare, Emily led global field marketing for censhare, creating and generating marketing activities and programs across all regions. In her free time Emily enjoys coaching 3-15 year olds in karate and practices herself, having competed at national level in kumite. She is working hard on one day achieving her own black belt.