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New Perspectives in Hollywood Film THE MARTIAN

First athletes used the mini action cameras of GoPro in competitions, and in addition to a growing host of amateur filmmakers, Hollywood is now relying on the authentic images of the wonder cam: It started with star director Ridley Scott with his current sci-fi blockbuster 'The Martians', which tells of the struggle for survival of an astronaut (played by Matt Damon) dismissed by his crew on Mars. The result are stunning scenes of unprecedented intensity and intimacy - and a completely new way to tell a story cinematically.

The successful team of GoPro CEO Nick Woodman is currently undergoing a transformation from product manufacturer to a diversified media company. A key objective is that at constant production quality video content can be published online in an even larger scale. With the censhare software GoPro found the optimal solution for the complex management, production and publication of their content: Scalable and flexible, it is open to all input and output channels, simplifying the management of content crucial.

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