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Artificial Intelligence – An Opportunity for Publishers?

When the censhare CEO speaks, we all know to sit back and listen. Most recently, Dieter spoke at the Digital Innovator’s Summit (DIS) on Artificial Intelligence in a talk which he originally wanted to call “The End of the World as We Know It”. The title may have since changed to something more mainstream, but Dieter’s views – as always – are anything but.

That said, you might be expecting to hear more of the usual alarmist chatter about how AI is going to make marketers redundant, but you would be wrong. Some points Dieter had to share included:

  • Without human intelligence, you can forget about AI

  • Of the three levels of AI, we’re still on level 1 - but we’re about to take the next big step

  • The way we operate in the future will depend on a shared economy and new behaviors

  • Publishers should seek out retailers for inspiration – they’re 20 years ahead of the rest

It is refreshing to hear from someone who is a futurist but also pragmatic about the capabilities of AI and the role that marketers will play.

#SpoilerAlert: We’re going to be more important than you think...

Dave Hitchins Dave Hitchins

Dave has worked alongside well-known names such as British Airways, House of Fraser, and India’s biggest 4G network provider, Reliance Jio, lending him an ‘international man of mystery’ air. He’s based in Bristol where he mainly survives on cider and cheddar cheese, and his first job entailed providing a client with the – very true but no less fantastical - excuse “An elephant sat on your truck”. It had such an impact that he’s been trying to get away with it ever since.