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News relaunch with censhare

Vitra AG relies on censhare Online Channel for their international web presence.

Vitra AG relies on censhare Online Channel technology for the company's international web presence . The implementation was conducted in connection with the "Central Information and Media Management" overall strategy, entailing publication on various channels based on censhare Media Asset Management. With five different language versions serving 18 sales regions, the web presence is made available according to geographic distributions via Amazon AWS infrastructure.

Implemented by the censhare distributor MSP AG in Hamburg, the relaunch was realized in a mere three months. Florian Böhm and Annahita Kamali were responsible for the concept and design, while Müller & Sohn GmbH developed the frontend.

About Vitra AG

Vitra is a Swiss company dedicated to improving the quality of homes, offices and public spaces through the power of design.

Our products and concepts are developed in an intensive design process, which brings together our engineering excellence with the creative genius of leading international designers. It is our goal to create interiors, furniture and accessories that are functional and inspiring. Longevity of materials, construction and aesthetics is our leading principle, as demonstrated by our Classics – many in continuous production since the 1950s.

Initiatives like the Vitra Campus architecture, the Vitra Design Museum, workshops, publications, collections and archives are all integral elements of Vitra. They give us the opportunity to gain perspective and depth in all our activities.