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Single Source and Multi Channel at Kresse & Discher

The corporate publisher Kresse & Discher (headquartered in Offenburg, and Stuttgart as second location) has created an important precondition for tomorrow's corporate communication. Based on the censhare production platform, the single source/multi channel concept has been realized.

In parallel, the first contents have been upgraded to smart content by way of semantic tagging. Both activities represent key steps in the direction of intelligent cross media solutions with targeting and related content.

Kresse & Discher newsletter

These activities were preceded by a content analysis for the creation of an XML concept. Sven Kruse, IT and Content Manager at Kresse & Discher was responsible for this. He also monitored and steered the implementation of the online channel by censhare. As a pilot project the website and e-mail newsletter of Kresse & Discher that both ran on Typo3 were switched over to censhare. In this way it is possible to manage all content - text, images, audio and moving images - in a media neutral forma in one content pool, and directly tap these assets and content for various types of utilization and production. The first customer projects are now underway.

censhare has been operational at Kresse & Discher since 2008 and was mainly used for print production up to the beginning of 2012 - in cooperation with the advertising agency ICT . Projects include the Edeka shopping magazine "Diese Woche“, the customer magazine of Europa-Parks, publications for the prefabricated house specialist WeberHaus, the University Clinic of Freiburg, as well as bank newsletters and the employee magazines of leading companies.

„In the print area we adhere to a very lean layout-before-text workflow. Now we are able to orchestrate the online channels in the same elegant manner. We are very well equipped and positioned for the course from 1:n to 1:1 communication.“

Sven Kruse, IT- and Content Manager at Kresse & Discher

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