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Simple handling of Mac bundle files

In censhare 4.8, Digital Asset Management can now also process the bundle file format of Mac OS X. For example, bundle files may now be imported and exported simply by way of drag and drop. Apple's word processing program TextEdit and the presentation program Keynote use the bundle format.

Digital Asset Management extended for Mac OS X

As the central instrument in censhare, Digital Asset Management administers and manages all digital information for communication. This includes storage, administration and life-cycle management of media and information of all kinds. In Version 4.8 censhare supports a further data format: bundle files under Mac OS X. Consequently, censhare can interoperate with all applications which use file formats that are structured as bundles. Among others these include Apple's programs for word processing Page and TextEdit, as well as the presentation program Keynote.

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Content of a bundle file produced with Apple's TextEdit word processor

Working with bundle files is very easy for users. They can import them by drag-and-drop. Bundle files can likewise be exported again with drag-and-drop. A double-click on an asset automatically starts the corresponding application.

Customer benefits

  • Digital Asset Management extended

  • Simpler import and export of bundle files

  • Versioning and rights management for bundle files

  • Linking with further applications

Application case

  • Simpler administration of application files with bundles such as Apple's Page, Keynote or TextEdit

Transparent usage of bundles

Various applications under Mac OS X use bundle files as the format for their documents. In the latter, a bundle consists of a folder, which combines various resources for an application, for example. For users, a bundle appears in Finder as a single file.

In order for censhare to recognize bundle files, the administrator must first define a corresponding MIME type with the associated application in the Administrator Client. Then censhare automatically takes the individual files of the bundle during Import, packs them as a ZIP file and stores them as the master data of an asset.

On checkout of a bundle asset, censhare first unpacks the ZIP file into the local asset folder directory and marks the folder with unpacked files as a bundle. Then it calls the associated application such as Apple's TextEdit or Keynote and passes it a link to the Bundle file.