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Migros Magazin relaunches new website with censhare

The relaunch of the Swiss website impresses with contemporary design and new functions, which actively integrate users and thereby allow them to actively shape the interactive weekly magazine. The interactive cockpit is the highlight of the new home page: Migros magazine articles, series of images and user generated content are all visible at a glance.

Thanks to censhare pages can be easily individualized and adjusted to personal interests. By way of a single login for all Migros portals independent profiles can be generated, providing users with the option of active participation. Moreover, the entire content of the portal can be automatically integrated into the print version and can naturally also be used in an adjusted design version on mobile devices. At the same time various social media channels such as facebook or twitter are also linked to the website.

Take a look at the new Migros website and read more in the Swiss magazine Schweizer Werbewoche .