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Join Us for a Webinar with James Naylor

Join Us for a Webinar with James Naylor: How Slimming World Builds Brand Value with Content Marketing

As we’ve often discussed on this blog, the new reality for marketing is that in a crowded marketplace, consumers are increasingly making buying decisions based on the brand’s relevance to them and the story it tells, rather than price or even convenience.

In order to feed this need for content, to engage with consumers and cut through the noise, brands are becoming media organizations. Big brands are purchasing media agencies, marketing leaders are recruiting journalists into their teams, and organizations are coming to realize that they have a second business: publishing content.

In a live webinar on Wednesday, November 8, hosted by Marketing Finder , Slimming World’s James Naylor will discuss how he’s enabling content marketers with technology through his philosophy of enabling creatives to create and to engage with the membership of the multi-national Slimming World.

You may have seen James present at our recent ecosphere days 2017 event , but if you missed that, this is a great chance to get some tips from an experienced publishing technologist, who was previously instrumental in the digital transformation at Hearst Magazines.

I’ll be joining James during the webinar, sharing a bit of my own experience of the shift towards content marketing and brand publishing, in what we hope will be an informative and interactive session.

So please join us! Register here on the Marketing Finder website .

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