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censhare, Basketball, Beer and Prospects: Grassroots Marketing at Its Best

The US market is a big one. So we figured it was time to make some friends. Denver has a unique market. Companies with headquarters in tech, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and banking surround our small office. So, what a better way to entice them to get to know us a little than by offering free beer, sliders and turning on the TV during the first day of the most exciting sports tournament in the country.

Every March college basketball has a tournament that narrows 64 teams down to two over three weekends. The first two days of March Madness are perhaps the most exciting days in sports. censhare US decided to throw a party and invite our neighbors. Amid the festivities we ended up giving a few demos and people walked away from the event with a great impression of censhare.

With sliders (mini-hamburgers) to eat and beer, wine and whiskey to drink we were able to not only spread the word about censhare but also have a good time. Sometimes marketing can be hard; you’re forced to drink and eat and meet interesting people. But, it’s that hard work that sometimes leads to the personal relationships that eventually bring on the best clients. Round one down, stay tuned for next time.