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BCP Congress 2009: Demands made on tomorrow’s corporate publishing

At home in the Google galaxy – or light years away?

The corporate publishing market has experienced constant growth over the course of many years. The question remains, however, as to whether the branch is actually making the most of its potentials – especially the possibilities that Web 2.0 has opened up for digital corporate publishing. Speaking at the Best of Corporate Publishing Congress Dieter Reichert, CMO and co-founder of censhare AG addressed these issues in his presentation.

Dieter Reichert, CMO censhare AG

Dieter Reichert, CMO censhare AG

The event took place on June 24, 2009 in Berlin and is the largest of its kind in the corporate publishing sector in Europe. Leading international speakers and experts discussed the key topic of „Success formula innovation – future strategies in corporate publishing.“

The bestowal of the BCP „Best of Corporate Publishing 2009“ award was the festive highlight of the evening. The winners are selected by a high-caliber jury out of a field of more than 600 submitting competitors.

Companies appreciate corporate publishing as an image and brand enhancing element of their marketing mix, as well as a source of customer information. The double digit growth rates up to the year 2008 document the strong popularity of this instrument.

According to a survey* of stock market listed German companies, so-called e-magazines were the most widespread form of digital corporate publishing in 2008, while social media, podcasts, etc. were less popular.

In his presentation entitled „At home in the Google galaxy – or light years away? Demands made on tomorrow’s corporate publishing“ Dieter Reichert outlined the impact of the Google galaxy on corporate publishing. He gave an account of the measures that are urgently required to move activities in the direction of Web 2.0 as rapidly as possible.

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* Source: Trendstudie „CP 2.0 – Corporate Publishing im digitalen Zeitalter“