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Dieter Reichert holds opening speech at the recent 7seas Open House event

Sailing through the Google galaxy

“Circumnavigate the globe with us“ – this was the motto of the event staged by the international publishing agency “7seas“ that attracted a lively crowd to an Open House evening held on July 22nd at the Hamburg port. The agency was founded with the aim of integrating the handling, implementation and international distribution of sales literature, including country specific adaptations, brochures, catalogues, magazines and other sales promoting print products.


Dieter Reichert opened the event at the agency situated in Hamburg’s port district. He outlined the demands made on modern agencies in the Google Age, and how such players should be positioned to handle the various media channels. Klaus Funk, photographer and managing director of “Virtual Imaging Network for X-media“ spoke about the surreal world of 3D animation technology. The Open House evening was rounded off by Christian v. Duisburg, managing director of SnapDragons GmbH, who provided insights into the gambling market. There were also some culinary highlights when the evening event drew to its close with grilled delicacies and rounds of fresh beer.