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First censhare evening event for corporate publisher in Verona

The revolutionary editorial system

censhare Italia, together with the relational network Connecting Managers® , is organising and sponsoring an event which will be held in Verona on Wednesday 26 November 2008.

The event will be an opportunity to talk about a subject which has strategic relevance for many companies: managing and centralising all contents (marketing, commercial, institutional) to achieve real efficiency across corporate communications.

Within this context, the censhare presentation will take place: a new global publishing solution available in Italy, adopting a truly innovative approach to the corporate communications problem, having already enjoyed a great success in many other countries.

There are more than 5,000 users in more than 40 companies worldwide, across hugely diversified sectors – already relying on censhare for the production of marketing and commercial multilingual communications literature, financial reports, catalogues and dynamic Web sites. censhare allows those companies to reach their customers faster, with very focused, timely, accurate and detailed information.