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Corporate publishing is a major media growth market

An interview with Dieter Reichert

“A new cooperative approach is required. Collaboration – not just within the company, but also between competitors – is the key to sustainable success. And corporate publishing as a strategic communications tool will support the implementation of these new forms of collaboration in terms of content,” said censhare-CMO Dieter Reichert in an interview with the corporate publishing portal CP-Wissen.

Dieter Reichert, CMO censhare AG

Dieter Reichert, CMO censhare AG

With its own offerings for CP service providers, censhare aims to meet the increasing demands facing agencies. As Reichert stated: “The situation in CP is extraordinary, as relatively small agencies have to support complex media processes. In addition to customer magazines, there are websites, microsites, e-magazines, iPad and mobile versions, brochures and corporate books. Such media is often also produced in different language versions.”

More on this directly at CP-Wissen: “Dieter Reichert: Wir waren für viele zu teuer.”