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Numerous decision makers and managers wanted to see censhare

A successful IfraExpo 2007

With the motto "Global Publishing", the CoWare team on the world's largest publishing trade show, IfraExpo 2007 in Vienna, presented the new censhare 3.0 release in comprehensive live demonstrations to decision makers and managers of over 60 publishing houses.

censhare on the IfraExpo

censhare on the IfraExpo

The enormous interest and consistently positive feedback from the representatives of well-known publishers reflects the growing recognition of the power that the censhare publishing system provides. Lively discussions about the new features impressively validate the product strategy of fusing print and online media technology.

The expert visitors were particularly interested in the capabilities of the WebCMS, which was publicly shown at IfraExpo for the first time. Equipped with a fulltext search engine and a hierarchical website planning tool based on the Berkeley database, the WebCMS is the tool for creating dynamic websites.

Any kind of content stored in the media asset management (MAM) module can be displayed on Web pages using WebCMS. Static content can be placed using links. At the same time, asset queries for dynamic content can be placed. Using the newly integrated recommendation function, information can be presented to users according to their profiles, from content from the archives to current news, ads, and product information to concrete purchasing proposals.