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censhare as base system for tablets


Without a doubt newspapers on e-readers and tablets ranked as one of the most extensively debated topics at this year’s IFRA Expo in Hamburg. In response to the substantial demand, the WAN-IFRA system workshop entitled Basis systems for tablets was subsequently held in Darmstadt. In addition to censhare, six system providers gave live presentations of their products and software solutions in the course of 45-minute demonstration sessions. In this way, workshop participants had the welcome opportunity to gain an overview as to which vendors and software products would best suit their ideas and requirements.

In cooperation with its partner artundweise, a digital media agency, censhare was among the seven providers and showcased a comprehensive concept for generating iPad apps based on the censhare system. From the initial concept through to contents, usability and target groups and on to the creation stage, all areas of the value creation chain relevant to creating apps were demonstrated were demonstrated by way of real-life, practical cases and examples.