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Brand Management Magazine, May 2009, reports on censhare installation at Dyson

How to select a suitable DAM for print products

This month, the UK’s monthly leading trade title, Brand Management, has reported on the successful introduction of censhare at Dyson. Brand Management regularly highlights the latest innovations and details on new industry trends. Dyson, the innovative designer and manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, has offices across the world and makes high demands on Digital Asset Management (DAM) across these sites. After a two-year search for a suitable system, the management team chose censhare.

Driving Dyson´s brand assets

Dyson wanted a tailored publishing system that was designed to work with print products and would integrate smoothly with existing systems. The company also required a system that had a built in translation module to address the needs of the international business and marketing campaigns.

The censhare Publishing System has proven to have rapidly increased efficiency and cost savings throughout the business by improving workflows and streamlining the marketing processes. If you would like to find out more about censhare’s work with Dyson, you can read the full article as PDF .