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censhare Italia Srl at the ASIG TecnoMeeting

Editorial Systems for the New Millennium

"Editorial Systems for the New Millennium" is the theme of the convention organized by ASIG (Italian Association of Newspaper Printers), held 7. May 2008 at the Bologna headquarters of the Poligrafici Editoriale group.

Luca Leonardini, managing director censhare Italia Srl

Luca Leonardini, managing director censhare Italia Srl

Luca Leonardini, managing director of censhare Italia Srl, was invited to speak about censhare before an audience of technical managers from many national dailies, as well as managers from information agencies. The presentation centered on the various characteristics of the censhare publishingsystem, particularly the creation of completely profiled web portals, and the enormous business potentials offered to editors by the personalization of web advertising. This issue is of vital strategic interest: the daily internal discussions of every company in the sector revolve around it.

Besides censhare Italia Srl, the two principal players in the publishing market, Adobe and Quark, who also acted as speakers, were participating in the event, as well as all the players in the Italian market for editorial systems, WebCMS systems, and asset management systems.

An important part of the day was the open exchange of questions between technology providers and the public, who began a debate on various themes such as multichanneling, new business models, single source publishing, citizen journalism, and aggregation and research of content.

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