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etatuM – Information creates relations

etatuM is a new, integrated publication revolving around the changes and the future of communication. In a world in which - driven by ever advancing digitalization - contents are disseminated in huge volumes, across different and networked channels, and often in a chaotic manner, it is important that information itself creates relationships, and thereby meaning.

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etatuM is available as a print magazine and as a topic blog. As an integrated medium etatuM sheds a light from different vantage points on the conceptual approaches, ideas and intelligent technologies that are contributing towards our potential development from an information-based society via a knowledge-based society to a society based on understanding.

etatuM is a discussion platform and a marketplace for ideas. Here, basic questions of communication in a modern society and economic culture are addressed. Moreover, etatuM deals with strategic and conceptual issues but also with practical questions and showcases concrete examples in order to present those solutions, approaches and technologies that promise success.

The first edition of etatuM is devoted to the subject of time. As time goes by considers how time changes our consciousness and communication.

etatuM 01/2012

Time is decisive when we communicate. Whether as an individual, a communication channel, a given media format, tool, or as a corporation. Content will only be effective if it is available at the right time. And we need time to understand and to digest information. Time is a central factor in the production of media – both for economic efficiency and as a competitive advantage.

We need time and free space in order to produce content, to be creative and to communicate. The demands on people, media, content and connections change with time, if one wants to be informed, not to get lost in our world and to keep up with the times.

The discourse is inspired by (among others) Gunter Dueck, the philosopher of technology and society, Manfred Spitzer, the brain researcher, the young publisher Josephine Götz and the manager of the online edition of DIE ZEIT Christian Röpke.

Think ahead, consider, put into practice. That's how things get changed.

We wish you a stimulating read!