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Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

censhare combines budgets and project management for transparent planning and successful campaigns.

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Marketing Plans That Work

The creation of content and implementation of campaigns involve many moving parts. Managing individual projects in Excel is ineffective, error prone and lacks transparency.

Marketing planning with censhare is different. Marketing Resource Management (MRM) manages all marketing activities, from brief to creative to production in one central resource management software. This keeps budgets and resources for your marketing projects under control at all times and relieves your marketers and marketing operations.

Marketing Planning

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Manage your entire marketing planning globally with all campaigns and tactics, and integrate tasks and implementation processes.

  • Administrate marketing plans

  • Control and manage campaigns, tactics, briefs and tasks

Marketing Performance

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Define campaign and department targets and monitor results in your MRM software.

  • Define targets and KPIs

  • Monitor the success of all activities

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Budget Management

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Central budgets, broken down by region, department and branch offices with budgeted and actual cost comparisons.

  • Flexible budget plans

  • Comparison of planned and actual costs

  • Overview on all levels based on authorization

Resource Management

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Availability, capacity and cost of internal or external staff at a glance and in detail with the censhare resource planning software.

  • Plan and manage all resources

  • Task management

  • Overview of capacity utilization and availability

Project Management

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Plan and manage projects and tasks across the company with a full overview of internal and external projects within the MRM solution.

  • Plan and manage projects with tasks and resources

  • Organized by deadlines and dependencies

  • Visualized as Gantt charts and workload overviews

Universal, Smart Content Management

All applications extend the functionality of censhare and are completely integrated with each other. All content and information is part of the semantic network and available in every application.

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