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Universal, Smart Content Management Platform

We’ve developed a Universal, Smart Content Management platform that global organizations use to take charge of their digital experience, delivering personalized content across multiple channels, devices and languages.

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Universal, Smart Content Management

It’s hard to work in silos, so our platform works across the enterprise solving many digital marketing challenges, including; managing product information, digital asset management, multichannel publishing and we’ll even take care of managing translations.

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"censhare is a symbiosis of technology and communication which really hasn't been seen before."

Dr.-Ing. Christian Fill
Managing Director
Burda Creative Group

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Some Call It a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

We are not a big fan of living by the acronyms, but who are we to argue with the analysts that consider censhare to be a Digital Experience Platform.

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Edwin Hubble Was Pretty Good at Sports

Who says you cannot be good at more than one thing? The famous Hubble telescope is named after a scientist who was a multi-discipline athlete that helped the Chicago Maroons basketball team clinch its third consecutive national title .

We are not terribly good at basketball, but we can do the following:

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censhare is the leading vendor of integrated solutions.

Top scores for censhare in TGOA’s market research.

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Want to Know What’s Under the Hood?

Engineered in Germany, our tried and tested, highly scalable architecture is built on the latest technologies and open standards. Building on this, we have created a feature rich business focused platform that makes the creation, collaboration and publication of personalized content a cinch.

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Schedule a demonstration with one of our team and we can quickly show you what we mean by Universal, Smart Content and what this could do for your business.

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