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Product Information Management

Master Product Complexity

Product Information Management (PIM) brings together all the data and content enterprises needed to take a product to market, including marketing materials, regulatory and compliance information, specifications, rich media assets, technical information, translations, manuals and pricing.

From this central and structured hub, marketing, sales and service materials can be published across multiple digital, print and syndication channels to provide consistent communication for each step of a buyer’s journey.

See How It Works

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Deliver a Personalized Experience for Your Consumer

Consumers today demand more content during the buying decision than ever before. In addition to the standard product descriptions, specification and pricing, video and rich media assets, 3D models and social media content have become a key part of the pre-purchase product experience. Consumers also expect the content to be not only in their preferred language, but also produced for them, relevant to their role, task or problem, and delivered in the format and on the channel of their choice.

Product centric enterprises therefore need to think beyond traditional Master Data Management when assembling all the product information needed to engage with consumers, enable sales teams and communicate coherently across an often increasingly fragmented distribution channel. It has become a complex problem that for many organizations sits across multiple systems, business units and internal processes. For most, it requires more than a traditional PIM system, as the business requirements extend to resource management and digital asset management.

Our clients have seen significant value in consolidating their product content, digital assets and data into our Universal, Smart Content Management system. It has enabled the business to work from a common interface, an open repository and within a common business process framework which has streamlined the diverse activities required to create and manage the assets necessary to a contemporary, content rich and relevant commerce experience.

Unlike many traditional PIM solutions, the censhare system doesn’t stop at the management of assets, but also takes care of the delivery. Whether it’s to web, mobile, social media or print, censhare can deliver a personalized experience focused around the consumer on the channel or engagement platform of their choice.

"We boosted our output, shortened time to market and achieved higher quality at lower costs."

Christoph Weiss, Managing Director, 7Seas marketing process

Data Management

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Manage all product information and form hierarchies with product groups, families and variants as required. Use your PIM solution to link product data with media and product descriptions.

  • Flexible product information structures

  • In-line processing of product masterdata

  • Connections to all media assets

  • Mass processing of products

  • Process based automation

  • Manage different product variants

  • Data Integration

    Connect the censhare PIM software with external systems via interfaces, as well as transfer and consolidate product data from ERP systems, or suppliers from Excel and CSV files.

    • Interfaces for integrating external systems

    • Transfer data from Excel and XML

  • Data Quality

    Check the completeness of your product content at a glance and use individual approval processes for checking data.

    • Configurable completeness check

    • Integrated workflows

    • Versioning of all content

  • Data Export

    With integrated product content management, publish directly out of your PIM solution to all communication channels or transfer product information to external systems.

    • Manual, partial or fully automated export to all communication channels

    • Provision to external systems via XML feeds and REST interface

censhare Is a Digital Experience Platform

censhare manages, publishes and optimizes customer interactions consitently across all touchpoints and channels.
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Want to know more about censhare Product Information Management?

Download Data Sheet

Case Study: Switzerland's No. 1 Retailer Opts for censhare and Reduces Costs

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Watch the video above and learn how Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, consolidated its disparate product advertising and information systems into one censhare solution. This allowed them to manage content in one place and then repurpose it across multiple channels including flyers, posters, a weekly Migros magazine, a web portal and other online media. The results were tremendous improvements in production reliability and communication quality which increased consumer engagement and reduced costs.

We have been able to reduce the costs of producing advertising material by a tremendous measure and to organize the process far more efficient and transparent.

Gabriel Gübeli
Head of Promotions Management

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