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censhare combines semantic networking of all information with outstanding performance and scalability.

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The All in One Platform

Many approaches offered by other vendors represent integrated solutions only on paper. They consist of acquired individual products which do not always interact smoothly together due to different product strategies and technologies. This often leads to partial integration into an overall solution.

The censhare Digital Experience Platform is different. All central functions are developed in house and follow a unified vision and strategy. The result is completely seamless interaction of all parts with excellent performance and class leading reliability as standard.

Innovative Technology and Open Mindset

censhare develops and improves central elements of the system in house, including the combined database and search engine, as well as the XML platform with XSLT engine. In the process, we harness promising, forward looking technologies, often before they become popular in the mainstream. We call existing solutions into question time and again, and replace them at the right time. When it comes to front end technology, we switched to HTML5 with AngularJS at an early stage and complemented it with dynamic modularization. As a result, components like “widgets” can be exchanged or added at runtime.

  • Graph database

  • XPath/XSLT engine

  • Search engine

Semantic Network

Semantic network of censhare Digital Experience Platform

censhare saves information and metadata in objects and their relations. The objects, metadata of the objects, the relations of the objects, and metadata of the relations can be defined. In the application, a new, semantic information level is created almost automatically. For example, {image is used in article} or {product was bought by customer}. This enables the appropriate representation of the real world in the digital realm.

  • Representation of all objects and their relationships

  • Operational across all channels

  • Programmatic processing

Database and Search Engine

Database and search engine of censhare Digital Experience Platform

With censhare, you can rely on the latest generation of in-memory graph database, which achieves class leading performance with comparatively low infrastructure requirements when combined with a special indexing technology.

  • Rapid transaction processing (Online Transaction Processing – OLTP) of structured data

  • Rapid and complex searches in structured data by way of any optional criteria (Online Analytical Processing – OLAP)

  • Rapid searches in unstructured content, e.g. text (information retrieval), including in combination with searches in structured data

Neutral Content / XML

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Content is saved in media neutral, semantically labeled XML enabling programmatic processing for different channels.

  • Schema definition with RELAX NG, the high performance schema description language for document oriented content

Interfaces and API

Interfaces and API of censhare Digital Experience Platform

censhare features various interfaces and APIs for communicating with external systems and extending the scope of its functions.


  • JavaScript API

  • Java API

  • XML and JSON imports and exports with data mapping and data transformation

Performance and Scalability

Performance and scalability of censhare Digital Experience Platform

Performance, stability and low resource requirements were among the main aims in the development of censhare. Thanks to the modular structure, the infrastructure is easily scaled.

  • Very good single instance performance

  • Vertical and horizontal scalability

State of the Art Front End Technology

State of the art front end technology of censhare Digital Experience Platform

The censhare client is a true rich Internet application which only uses the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript / AngularJS. It supports modern web browsers and can be used without the installation of additional software or plug-ins.

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / TypeScript, AngularJS

  • Single page web application

Flexible Operating Options

With censhare, you decide which operating model is best suited to your requirements.

  • Software as a Service

    A modern service provision model with fixed annual costs for product use and operation in German data centers.

  • Rent

    Fixed annual costs for product licenses. The data center used is your choice: your own or Amazon Web Services.

  • On Premise

    The conventional licensing model with a maintenance agreement. You operate censhare in your choice of data center.

  • Hybrid

    This option enables distributed application server and/or file systems in local data centers or the cloud. Can be combined with SaaS, Rent and On Premise.

Universal, Smart Content Management

All applications extend the functionality of censhare and are completely integrated with each other. All content and information is part of the semantic network and available in every application.

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