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Our Universal, Smart Content Management Platform

So, what makes a Universal, Smart Content Management platform tick? And how can it help you in your business?

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A Universal, Smart Content Management Platform

Our clients use our universal platform to solve many content challenges across their enterprises, including Web Content Management (WCM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) serving their global, multichannel, multilingual audiences.

It’s smart too; based on cutting edge semantic database technology, it’s optimized for extremely fast delivery of contextualized content, powering real time personalization.

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"We boosted our output, shortened time to market and achieved higher quality at lower costs."

Christoph Weiss
Managing Director
7Seas marketing process

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Content First, Content Everywhere

censhare Content as as service of the application Omnichannel Content Management.

With a single common platform, our clients don’t need to consider the channel or destination of the content at the time they create it and can adopt “Content First” best practices and let the tools do the work of adapting and optimizing for a truly omnichannel experience.

Delivering content to the audience on the device, web site or social channel of their choice (or even to email or print).

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All Together Now

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Content publishing and content marketing are team sports and censhare provides all the business process, collaboration, governance and workflow features and functions to enable today's agile teams to work together.

This is not limited to the linear workflows and simple permission models that are available in most content management systems, but all the tools you need to orchestrate your content production with calendars, project plans, resource planning, cost tracking, messaging and true business process management. It’s the backbone of our Marketing Resource Management.

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The Power of a Semantic Network

censhare's semantic network is able to relate all data and will move your departments out of their respective silos and into one cohesive team.

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How Does It Work?

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Good question and we’d be delighted to show you !

Our solution is based on patent pending semantic database technology, that is highly optimized to meet the challenges of multichannel, dynamic, personalized content delivery enterprises face today. This state of the art technology is behind the latest innovations in customer experience, like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants.

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