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Predicting the Future of Digital Publishing

censhare has touched the palms of many well known brands providing a platform for digital transformation, making a multichannel , multi language, digital world that they’d only seen in their crystal ball a reality. Lost under a bewilding spell of fragmented silos and industry acronyms, we retold their future with a simple Universal, Smart Content solution.

With the FIPP Congress finished for this year, censhare continues to take you on the digital publishing journey with our tarot cards. Download to share with your colleagues or friends and contemplate the messages revealed.

Tarot Cards

  • The Financier

  • The Boss

  • The Marketer

  • The Publisher

  • The Digitalist

  • The Technologist

"censhare is a hub at the heart of our business that deals with the more atomized delivery of article-based content that we find ourselves working in."

Michael Rowley
Managing Director, Brands
Hearst Magazines

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Why Hearst Magazines Is Well Equipped for the Future

The introduction of censhare resulted in a complete cultural shift and completely new ways of thinking within the Hearst Magazines company. Learn how censhare has helped to transform Hearst’s corporate culture into a future competitive advantage.

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Are You Ready to Gaze into Your Future?

Let us show you what makes a Universal, Smart Content Management platform tick. And how can it help you in your business!

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