You didn’t go into marketing for this


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Every marketer knows why they went into marketing

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And their reasons are as wonderfully diverse and creative as marketers themselves.

But those reasons don’t usually include getting more gray hair. Or spending Friday nights in the office. Or developing a few more wrinkles.

And yet for many marketers burdened by the complexities of administering content, that’s the unfortunate reality.

And we know, because you said so!

70% More Value

In fact, 70% of marketers agree that they could add significantly more value if the volume of content related admin was reduced.

And 80% say that their work should be about game changing ideas, not admin
that can and should be automated.

80% More Ideas
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The State of Universal Content Management 2020

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So we’ve removed oodles of content admin

To give marketers space.

Time to think.

Room to breathe.

To novate.


That’s a win-win

It’s good for your business. And good for you.

Zeroing in on where you can add the most value and implement game-changing ideas.

Freedom to create

That's why you went into marketing.

Find the Freedom to Create

OK, here’s a little piece that summarizes what’ve learned from you – and how censhare can help.

Go Find Freedom

Join The Content Leaders

You can join the ranks of top brands in finding new efficiencies and the freedom to be the creative marketer you want to be.

188 Strawberry Cakes

Egmont, a leading global publisher, needed to cut the cost of its magazine production. It couldn’t risk losing sales or compromise on quality, but chaos was omnipresent, with manual tasks and duplicate digital assets. For example, it had 188 duplicate images of a strawberry cake on file. censhare fixed this.

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Slowww Content Approvals

Selling market leading eye remedies and other products in 60+ countries, manufacturer URSAPHARM faces strict regulatory demands on its marketing material. The company replaced a time consuming paper based approval process with censhare, our efficient digital solution, 7x faster than its old process.

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Share Your Pains!

It can be pretty hard for marketers to cope with heavy workload and annoying processes, and it feels good to talk (or even rant) about it. That’s why we’d like to hear your story. Your communication with us will not be shared with a third party without your approval.

What gets you started?

Universal Content Management

Great content fuels marketing and boosts sales – but it can be daunting to manage all those content types, languages, and channels. censhare cuts through the complexity and radically simplifies the management of digital assets, content and product information. To give you true freedom to create exciting content and campaigns.

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We’re censhare. We’ve been around since 2001, and all we’ve ever done is solving serious content challenges for our clients – challenges that were seen as ‘impossible’ to solve.

This is our story

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