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censhare ecosphere days 2018

September 27 - 28, Munich

Thank you for your interest in ecosphere days 2018. With more than 300 participants from 17 countries we have almost doubled in size compared to 2017 and we were happy to have some great speakers and clients presenting. Find out more about them and download their presentations below.


  • Ted Rubin

    Social Marketing Strategist

    Learn More

    Ted Rubin is a leading social marketing strategist, keynote speaker, Photofy CMO/advisor, MC/host for Brand Innovators Summits and co-founder of Prevailing Path. Ted is the most followed CMO on Twitter (Social Media Marketing Magazine), one of the most interesting CMOs on Twitter (Say Media) and #13 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers.

  • Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

    Chairwoman, censhare Supervisory Board

    Learn More

    Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach is an accomplished technology strategist possessing unique knowledge of the high-tech ecosystem with experience in structure partnership agreements with global technology companies offering mutual advantage. Able to inspire and develop great people and facilitate rapid decision-making, Dr. Lauterbach joined the censhare Supervisory Board early this year.

  • Theresa Regli

    Digital Asset Management Expert and Information Strategist

    Learn More

    Theresa Regli is a marketing and branding technology analyst, strategist and market watcher with 24 years of IT industry experience. Author of Digital & Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story of DAM Technology and Practice , considered a must read for DAM practitioners. Previously a principal and managing partner with Real Story Group, Theresa is now Chief Strategy Officer at KlarisIP.

  • Cathy McKnight

    Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations of Digital Clarity Group

    Learn More

    As a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group and leader of its enterprise consulting practice, Cathy helps organizations transform the way technology can enable business strategy and performance. In her current role, Cathy has helped dozens of companies realize their content and marketing/communication objectives.

  • Jürg Weber

    Interim CEO, censhare

    Learn More

    Jürg Weber is CEO of censhare AG and censhare (Schweiz) AG. He draws on many years of experience in marketing, advertising production and cross media system integration.

  • Patrick Wölker

    MD, DuMont Digital

  • Ahmed Hasan

    CMTO of Spark44

    Learn More

    Ahmed Hasan is an accomplished and passionate digital marketing professional who has carved out success through non-traditional means. He is currently the Chief Marketing Technology Officer at Spark44 where he is responsible for driving the transformation and strategy for digital marketing with clients.

  • Mirko von Schlachta

    General Manager of Serviceplan Solutions

    Learn More

    Mirko is General Manager at Serviceplan Solutions. He is responsible for system consulting as well as the implementation and operation of marketing production solutions. His customers include the Lufthansa Group, BMW AG and L’Oréal. Previously, he worked as a Senior Consultant at censhare AG as well as many years in the field of catalog production.

  • Marianne Gram

    Publishing Director of Egmont

    Learn More

    Marianne Gram is publishing director and chief editor at Egmont Publishing. She’s head of the weeklies and sponsors the development of a new publishing system and a shared content project within the group in Scandinavian. Marianne has been with Egmont for 7 years, before that she worked for several Danish newspapers as well as for Allers and Bonniers in different roles as managing editor and chief editor.

  • James Naylor

    Group Publishing Systems Manager of Slimming World

    Learn More

    James has worked in publishing for his entire career, starting at Reed Business Information which lead to an 11 year stint at Hearst Magazines. He is now the Group Publishing Systems Manager for Slimming World, looking after content production, storage and management solutions across their Magazine, Design, Marketing and PR teams.

  • Rüdiger Pläster

    Managing Director, ORT Group

    Learn More

    A senior expert in digital marketing, agility, strategy, design thinking, lean management and innovation, Rüdiger drives digital transformation at the ORT group. His agenda is to build customer-obsessed, lean-thinking teams being able to continuously build, disrupt, learn, test and refine.

  • Joachim Fischer

    Founding Partner, Kontrast Communication Services

    Learn More

    Joachim Fischer is a Founding Partner of Kontrast Communication Services. After successfully passing his Master’s examination in photography he gained experience at W&B and worked as managing partner at COMPOSING GmbH. In 1991, with the support of eight employees, he founded Kontrast and remains partner and CEO to this day.

  • Philipp Thywissen

    Marketing Technology & Processes Consultant, Charles Vögele

    Learn More

    Philipp Thywissen is a Marketing Technology & Processes Consultant at Charles Vögele with 15 years of experience in marketing in leading positions including advertising agencies, consulting and international companies. With a strong focus on the needs of the customers he is an expert in guiding people to a new way of working and transforming complex processes into transparent ways of working.

  • Jonas Baumbach

    Head of Digital, Steinberg Media Technologies

    Learn More

    Jonas Baumbach leads the online marketing and e-commerce team at Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Since 2014 he plays an important role in defining and implementing Steinberg‘s digitalization strategy, conceptualizing and leading the roll-out of censhare PIM and subsequent efforts to turn it into the central information management hub at Steinberg.

  • Daniel Röper

    Director of Digital, Steinberg Media Technologies

    Learn More

    Daniel Röper leads the Digital Unit at Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. With a background in ecommerce and direct marketing, he joined Steinberg in 2007 to build up its online business. Since 2014 he is responsible for laying out strategies for digital transformation, hence the introduction of the Digital Unit — a team dedicated to providing coherent strategies for concepts, implementation and operation of online and ecommerce services.

  • Sebastian Stange

    Technical Consultant, MSP

    Sebastian Stange is project manager at MSP AG. He worked in the publishing and media design environment for almost 10 years before switching to the software sector, first as support engineer and since then almost five years as project manager for censhare projects.

  • Guenther Kreuzpainter

    Managing Partner, MCON

    Learn More

    Guenther Kreuzpaintner is Managing Partner of MCON Group and responsible for Public Cloud Services.He has more than 15 years experience of planning and running critical environments for Enterprise Customers all over the world.

Day 1


Let's Make It Real

Ian Truscott, VP Global Marketing, censhare


Welcome Introduction

Jürg Weber , Interim CEO, censhare


DuMont Marketing Technology - Becoming the Leading European Provider of Marketing Technology Solutions

Patrick Wölke, MD, Dumont Digital, learn more



Opening Keynote - The Power of Data

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach , Chairwoman, censhare Supervisory Board, learn more


Keynote - Build Greater Intimacy with Clients and Profit from ROR: Return on Relationship

Ted Rubin, CMO Brand Innovators, CMO Photofy, Co-Founder Prevailing Path, learn more



How Jaguar Land/Rover Make Efficiency and Awards Real

Ahmed Hasan, Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Spark44, learn more



From Chaos to Calm

Marianne Gram, Publishing Director, Egmont Publishing, Learn More



The Simplification of Communication

Joachim Fischer, Founding Partner, Kontrast Communication Services, learn more

Philipp Thywissen, Marketing Technology & Processes Consultant, Charles Vögele, learn more



Make it Real with Integration and Migration

Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Analyst, learn more



Let’s Make Customer Experience Real

Rüdiger Pläster Managing Director, ORT Group, learn more



Your DAM is For Life, Not Just For Pictures

James Naylor, Group Systems Publishing Manager, Slimming World, learn more



Real Time Marketing Production - The L’Oréal Crea Lounge

Mirko von Schlachta, General Manager, Serviceplan Solutions, learn more



About DAWs and DIW: How Steinberg uses censhare as an Information Hub

Daniel Röper, Director of Digital, Steinberg Media Technologies, learn more

Jonas Baumbach, Head of Digital, Steinberg Media Technologies, learn more

Sebastian Stange, Technical Consultant, MSP, learn more



Getting your Content and Customer Experience House in Order

Cathy McKnight, Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations of Digital Clarity Group, learn more



Closing Comments

Ian Truscott, Global VP Marketing, censhare

Day 2



Ian Truscott, VP Global Marketing, censhare


Inside censhare Special with the censhare Board and Founders

Jürg Weber, Interim CEO, censhare

Iryna Zhovtobryukh, CTO, censhare

Eva Wittka, COO, censhare

Alexander Henn, CGO, censhare

Walter Bauer, Founder and Senior Vice President System Architecture, censhare

Robert Motzke, Founder and Senior Vice President Solution Architecture, censhare


Why Public Cloud Makes Sense for censhare Customers and Partners

Guenther Kreuzpaintner, Managing Partner, MCON, learn more



Product Update

Daniel Zellhuber, VP Product Management, censhare

Walter Bauer, Founder and Senior Vice President System Architecture, censhare

Matthias Zimmerman, Online Solutions, censhare




Closing Comments

Ian Truscott, VP Global Marketing, censhare