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Content Management System

It’s Universal

censhare develops a Universal, Smart Content Management platform to enable a company-wide content strategy from one central platform, simplifying content marketing and content lifecycle management.

Our clients choose us because we efficiently and easily manage content, digital assets and product information and then publish these, personalized for “the multis” (multiple channels - including web, print and social, multiple formats, multiple personas and multiple languages) on a very large scale.

Unlike our competitors, we use an innovative semantic database technology, that is incredibly fast at delivering contextualized, highly personalized content, similar to technology that is used in cutting edge artificial intelligence and virtual assistant technology, like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

See How It Works

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Multi-Channel, Multi-Language, Personalized Communication

The censhare Universal, Smart Content Management platform pools all marketing and communications content into one, information-centric system with a single, consistent user interface - unifying content operations across a global enterprise and converging what has traditionally been done in functional silos.

Our technology is usually found at the heart of digital transformation programs, providing a hub of smart content that enables the business to fexibly connect with their consumer across the entire buying journey: from marketing, sales, service to loyalty and advocacy. The platform safeguards your brand against inconsistent interpretation and allows you to disseminate your message on the best output channels to support your communications strategy.

This one fexible platform meets all of the content challenges facing organizations today, including Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Omnichannel Content Management, and Marketing Resource Management, by creating relevant and real time digital experiences from a single platform.

"censhare is a hub at the heart of our business that deals with the more atomized delivery of article-based content that we find ourselves working in."

Michael Rowley, Managing Director, Brands, Hearst Magazines UK

Content Management

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Using the intuitive content editor, content is created in XML without exposing users to complexity. Content is ready for all channels, campaigns and systems. Automated interfaces and exports ensure seamless connections with external newsletter, CMS, App and POS systems to manage all commerce and content marketing measures.

  • Integrated content editor with output channel previews

  • Multi-lingual standard document structure based on XML

  • Different variants for output channels with specific characteristics

  • Notifications, workflows and automatic processes manage change

  • Process control from brief to design to production across the complete content lifecycle

  • Web Content Management

    A flexible CMS platform for producing and maintaining single and multi site portals, websites, microsites and communities. Optimized for highly dynamic, heavily frequented sites.

    • Flexible, adjustable and expandable site management

    • Sophisticated targeting and personalization rules

    • Scalable, high availability Delivery

  • Print Content Management

    Plan and produce print products such as magazines, catalogs, price lists and data sheets with the editorial system – manually, partially or fully automated.

    • Integrated page planning for layouts, adverts and print sheets

    • Full Adobe InDesign and InCopy integration and editor

    • Drag and drop placement of media, products and other content

  • Social Media Management

    Integrate social media services for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in your content management processes.

    • Instant or timed publication from censhare

    • Integration and visualization of statistics

    • Centralized workflow management

censhare Is a Digital Experience Platform

censhare manages, publishes and optimizes customer interactions consitently across all touchpoints and channels.
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Want to know more about censhare Universal, Smart Content Management?

Download Flyer

Case Study Endress+Hauser: Ensuring A "Glocal" Presence

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Watch the video above and learn how the Endress+Hauser Group, a leading global supplier of industrial process instrumentation and automation solutions, consolidated and relaunched 38 websites in 22 languages based on a central censhare installation. This allowed them to achieve a genuinely "glocal" presence with consistency in the globally applicable messages, while at the same time taking advantage of the flexibility and originality of the local messages from their subsidiaries around the world. As a result, the quality and consistency of all information has considerably improved, positioning Endress+Hauser as a genuine global brand on the web.

We regard censhare as our central platform that we will use to control and steer all of our marketing contents in future!

Christian J. Geiger
Head of Corporate Marketing Communication

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