New Release: censhare 5.4

The latest censhare 5.4 release includes a number of new features, enhancements, and usability improvements.


censhare now supports user-defined goals for different asset types like campaigns, companies, departments and persons. Goals can be provided with start and finish dates and any values ​​and metrics, from revenue to interactions such as read, buy or commented. If the information is available in censhare, e.g. via an integrated website or an online store, the evaluation and monitoring is automatic. New reports show all users the current development of all goals available automatically.

3D Support

With the new asset type "3D model" the management and production of 3D data is integrated in the censhare workflow. censhare supports a number of MIME types - among others AutoDesk, Blender, Unity and Maya - so that the 3D production can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes. For Blender 3D documents a separate preview is available. Interactive 3D previews are displayed based on WebGL and x3dom.


censhare improves collaboration with the new function markers. Markers can be set for all file types, including images and image areas as well as audio and video segments. They can also be related via drag & drop with all information in the system. For example, a product on an image with the associated product structure in censhare. A new widget displays all markers neatly, along with their metadata, related information and tasks. censhare now also supports the creation of tasks directly in the communication widget. So all markers, annotations or chats can be directly linked to tasks and integrated into the workflow.


Also, the Web-to-Print module receives important new features, among many UI optimizations. censhare now supports Adobe InDesign snippets. Snippets can be saved as assets in the system and then be used in designing layouts. Users can either place snippets via drag and drop, or place products, articles and other content directly together with the available snippets. Content can be edited in a dialogue in the same window, a new function checks placed images on their resolution and layout templates can be selected and changed by click.

Adobe InCopy Editor

The integrated editor for Adobe InCopy documents now also offers support for anchored boxes. A change tracking function can be turned on or off on request to check any changes visually in addition to the available versioning. Changes can be accepted or rejected by clicking.

Content Editor

The Content Editor receives numerous improvements: The server-side Hunspell spell checker, which is also used in Adobe InDesign, increases the consistency and can be expanded with new words. Additional renderer improve the visualization of interactive elements and lists. An XML view has been added, as well as a preview for the online channel. The redesigned toolbar increases usability. Daily work is facilitate with functions as the new link dialog, new actions for placed assets, grouping in the element menu and support for snippets.

An overview of all new features can be downloaded as a PDF.

Download PDF
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