Integration of the Remote Director

For color verification during the preflight check for print release, censhare 4.8 integrates the Remote Director Soft Proof solution. Users have access to all functions of the software. Here, censhare has further extended its support for the print production process.

Exact color determination before printing

Whatever it may be - journals, magazines, newspapers, books, marketing material or other print products - with censhare, companies control and steer the entire production process by way of workflows. This begins with the creation of text and graphics and extends right up to the print ready PDF. For the particularly critical point of release to print, censhare 4.8 now also interacts with the Remote Director Soft Proof solution ( With the functionalities, true-color images can be produced from PDFs for appraisal via the web prior to print approval.

With a mouse click, Remote Director produces a Soft Proof from PDFs in censhare.

With a mouse click, Remote Director produces a Soft Proof from PDFs in censhare.

The release of a product or an author’s work can prove a complicated matter. This may include the acceptance by the author(s). censhare can control this process with correction workflows including automatic PDF dispatch and evaluation of comments. Colors are a central feature of Preflight Checks for the technical verification of PDFs. Here censhare integrates the soft proof solution Remote Director.

In order to generate a true-color preview, users mark the asset and initiate the operation with a mouse click. Remote Director then processes the images for the asset's PDF. Subsequently, the user can call up the relevant project with the images in Remote Director in a browser window with one further click in censhare – without a special log-in session. Users can now work with the interface in the accustomed manner. For example, it is possible to check whether the color space (gamut) of the monitor covers the color space of the image. Remote Director also compares two images and can mark the areas where they differ. Finally, there are various ways to attach comments to images. For an accurate representation, the monitor used must be calibrated. Remote Director offers an appropriate solution for this.

When the user is satisfied with the Soft Proof, he or she might set up the workflow target for the next user to perform a further check.

Customer benefits

  • Inclusion of Soft Proofs of layouts in censhare's workflow

  • Creation of Soft Proofs within censhare

  • Automatic updating of a Soft Proof when a layout changes

  • Release of a Soft Proof within censhare

  • A Soft Proof is available to every user in the whole system, assuming appropriate rights

Application case

  • Integration of Remote Director as Soft Proof tool in censhare

Using the full capabilities of Remote Director

To create a Soft Proof from a layout, the user marks the corresponding asset and selects the associated server action. It may be necessary to create a PDF first. censhare transfers the PDF to the Remote Director. In parallel with this, censhare sets up a corresponding proof job in the Remote Director. The creation of a Soft Proof in censhare can be initiated either by a user or automatically by a trigger.

When the Remote Director has created the Soft Proof, it sends censhare a URL pointing directly to it. This link is stored with the layout asset. If Remote Director already has a Soft Proof and the print preview PDF changes, a new image is generated.

In a second step the user clicks the mouse in censhare to call up the Soft Proof in Remote Director in a web browser window. Since the interface of the Remote Director is available in the browser, it can be accessed similarly via censhare. In this case, censhare transfers the stored URL to the browser window. This also authenticates itself against the Remote Director.

Generating Soft Proof automatically or by hand

The configuration of the Remote Director connection is performed by way of a module in the censhare Admin Client. censhare's communication with the Remote Director takes place over its Web Service API. The transfer of the file for the generation of the Soft Proof takes place via a shared file system accessible to both software solutions.

For access to the Remote Director, censhare uses two accounts. The administrator account may be used to create a new job in the Remote Director. The second account is a normal user account. censhare logs on with this in order to call up a particular Soft Proof. When a user looks at a Soft Proof, they work with the rights of this user account. censhare's rights and roles design allows fine-grained control of which users can look at a Soft Proof.

censhare offers two methods for initiating the creation of a Soft Proof. Users can start the operation themselves by means of a server action. An Asset Automation Action is available to do this automatically on events such as Check-in for particular assets like layout with PDF file. On creation, no check-out is performed for the asset.

By means of a server action, users can open the Proof for a particular asset. Version 4.8 of censhare provides an additional command which allows the system to call up a URL in a web browser window.

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