New censhare customer HEROLD gains a universal Marketing Content Management system for improved campaign and ad management, with an implementation by censhare Platinum Premedia.

HEROLD Gains Expert Content Management with Premedia & censhare

New censhare customer HEROLD gains a universal Marketing Content Management system for improved campaign and ad management, with an implementation by Platinum, a censhare Partner Premedia.

When a company known for helping people find the experts they need is looking for an expert to supply its own marketing technology, it’s only natural they should turn to censhare and Platinum partner, Premedia, for a solution.

With 150,000 assets representing the some 45,000 Austrian customers who rely on HEROLD for their marketing activities and two million consumers using the HEROLD portal every month, the company needed a Marketing Content Management System that could cope with the wide range of assets involved. From graphic templates and layouts to images and product details, an efficient, centralized and automated system was an absolute must.

Through the integration of censhare by Austrian implementation experts Premedia , HEROLD was able to migrate almost every single file to the new Universal Content Management System (UCMS) which combines Digital Asset Management (DAM) , Content Management (CMS) and many other critical content functions under one roof. HEROLD benefits from a comprehensive functionality that, at the same time, offers open interface architecture allowing the company to be flexible and agile, fit for the future.

Our goal is to optimize the marketing processes of our customers through the use of precisely fitting technologies. Through censhare, HEROLD is now offered opportunities beyond the current challenges.

Jürgen Oberngruber, COO, Head of Marketing Technology, Premedia GmbH

From the moment censhare’s system was implemented, HEROLD recognized that the company had already saved the thousands of man-hours required to convert data manually and is set to grow and explore new avenues, safe in the knowledge that censhare and Premedia can support them every step of the way.

On the hunt for a the right implementation partner, Daniel Dixon, HEROLD Business Data’s CIO, explained “We were looking for a partner who could bring the content and technical competence, but also fit our corporate culture in a more human way”.

To find out how censhare can help you manage business critical data and assets more effectively, and how its network of partners like Premedia can ensure you make the right choice for your business, contact us here .

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