censhare solutions implemented by Linkgroup are convincing the markets

Cross-media publishing platform for mobile, web, social media and print

Since 2009 Linkgroup has been working with global publishing solutions by censhare. The platform enables the administration of content, media or corporate communication items as well as the target group specific processing of these contents via all channels and media. Linkgroup customers like Geberit, Manor Food, and the Swiss Postal Services are highly satisfied with the performance and results achieved to date.

Looking back on the three-year partnership between censhare and Linkgroup it is clearly evident that the high customer expectations have been consistently met or even exceeded. Since 2009, Linkgroup has been active as a censhare partner and is responsible for sales, project management, integration and customer care in Switzerland. The focus is on companies that are looking for an all-in-one solution in order to reach their target group via mobile, web, print and social media channels. "In Linkgroup we have found an ideal partner that not only understands the demands made on cross-media publishing, but is also highly competent in the areas of data management, creation, web design as well as print," explains Jürg Weber, CEO von censhare (Switzerland) AG, Zürich.

Worldwide, more than 100 media companies, financial services providers, agencies and companies are working with censhare's cross-media publishing platform, including BMW, Dyson, McCann Erickson, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bank or the Brazilian publishing group in São Paulo. In Switzerland, Geberit, Manor Food and the Swiss Postal Services feature among the prominent clients.

Cross media platform for seven corporate areas of the Swiss Postal Services

In the Postal Services project Linkgroup took over the system integration from censhare as general contractor and attended to the project in close cooperation with censhare – from the conception phase to implementation and all the way through to the ongoing training for postal staff and external service providers. In this context the communication data and workflows of seven corporate group areas (PostAuto, PostFinance, PostLogistics, PostMail, Post locations and sales, Swiss Post International and Swiss Post Solutions) were integrated and the communication media and tools standardized. In the production and processing of advertising media and corporate publishing publications the authors, translators, product managers, administrators, agencies, photographers and service providers all access the cross-media system platform . In this way, all of the Swiss Postal Service regions can individualize and order advertising tools and business printing products and stationary online via the censhare Web-to-Print module. In the next step the Swiss Postal Services will also map communication online via the system and benefit from the advantages of the integrated, cross-media approach.

Linkgroup realizes electronic and print media and is specialized in corporate, financial and marketing publication, as well as on IT based, web-based cross-media systems. The owner managed group with some 80 members of staff works for renowned domestic and foreign companies and covers the entire value creation chain as a general contractor, Linkgroup operates in a building certified to the MINERGIE®-standard - as the first and only Swiss company of this sector to date. Linkgroup is independent and owner managed.

Daniel Penitzka, Swiss Postal Services, Project Manager Crossmedia, Bern

"With our corporate Crossmedia project, the Swiss Postal Services are aiming to update production processes, regain process leadership for the respective media processes, while reducing costs at the same time. As the owner of the media data, the Postal Services want to have unrestricted access to these data at all times, and from any location. In order to accomplish this, the Swiss Postal Services - supported by Linkgroup - set up a cross media-platform with central Media Asset Management as well as the matching Web2Print as well as editorial media systems. The project is on track and approaching completion - work in the individual Postal Services areas is progressing well. Not least, this is also thanks to the partnership based and constructive cooperation with Linkgroup who have provided us with competent and reliable support in every phase of the project."

Roger Wyss, Head Product Documentation, Geberit International Ltd.

"In many companies the staff responsible for communication and marketing expend up to two thirds of their working time on the gathering of data and administrative tasks. This is not acceptable. For us, censhare means integration. Thanks to censhare solutions, people, projects and processes merge to form a network. In many questions and issues related to the system and the processes Linkgroup has provided us with competent consulting and has realized a large share of our print products. The system boosts efficiency and helps us in planning and monitoring as well as in the production of complex projects."

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