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Excellence in Media Production

Communicating successfully and efficiently requires software that shows you everything at a glance and which speaks every language.

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Publishing is about more than just producing print products. In addition to the task of producing the core product, content for websites and digital media can now be maintained in a coherent and brand consistent manner. Blogs, Apps, social media and personalized newsletters can form effective additions to the available output channels.

All inputs, regardless of source, should be pooled in one single view. In this way, the monitoring and tracking of content management is centralized, and digital and print production automated.

An integrated system can record feedback from readers or interested parties and communicate with these proactively. Moreover, targeted information enables each target groups to be addressed specifically, as well as the analysis of market potential and sales of books, newspapers and other media.

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censhare is a hub at the heart of our business that deals with the more atomized delivery of article-based content that we find ourselves working in.

Michael Rowley
Managing Director, Brands

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With an automated and integrated content management system , rapid and targeted output for precisely segmented target groups can be generated easily in all publishing processes . A consistent platform for production and publishing content in all media channels can be employed, with media objects transparently and efficiently managed in a central system, processed live and edited collaboratively.

This enables simple management of all media for all content and timely publication for various print and digital channels, languages and regions.

The solution can place tailored content for each target group, design a customized approach using segmentation and analytics, and serve and evaluate all areas of social media. The monitoring and management of analytics and production is activated in a central dashboard, while the output of reports and display of results with integrated modules makes single source production achievable.

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