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International Production and Communication

Engage your customers with accurate and timely communication.

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The manufacturing industry spends vast sums of money establishing brands in the global marketplace. Manufacturers have to maintain their brands worldwide, otherwise they risk losing market share and delays in communication can prove extremely costly.

Marketers in industry need to satisfy the communication trends in their sector, and various markets, and at the same time react to personal requirements of their customers, suppliers and partners. In addition, updating of specialized product catalogs, price lists etc can require considerably effort.

In marketing, censhare has brought us extreme increases in efficiency and with that also falling costs.

Matthias Wesselmann
Former Head of Group Marketing & Communication

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With censhare, all marketing activities can be planned and their execution and performance monitored and adapted. Integrated workflows allow the production of campaigns, product packaging and brochures, advertising and other marketing activities to be optimized for local or global markets.

The automation of workflows and approvals accelerate the development and time to market of projects and campaigns, whilst also providing transparency and control. The deployment of the right assets at the right time, in the right place and in the right language make it simple to achieve effective collaboration and global branding , as well as monitoring performance against relevant KPIs.

The process of supplying customers with product information can be automated. Updates can be made via product master data and feedback via CRM and ERP. Marketing messages can also be refined and segmented via data analysis combined with customer knowledge, consumer behavior and product usage patterns with campaigns and offers.

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