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Everyone Is Right in on the Action Even Though They Are Somewhere Else

Why Hubert Burda Media opts for location independence across all sites.

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Passion, lifestyle and an air of lightness - this is how editor-in-chief Anke Krohmer describes the brand core of the food magazine Lust auf Genuss published on a monthly basis by Burda. The company is using censhare software to produce the magazine, having realized that the innovative Digital Experience Platform supports and enhances one key factor in particular: the capability to produce at various different sites.

In addition to 'Lust auf Genuss', censhare also supports the Burda publications 'Meine Familie und ich' and 'Meine Familie und ich - Books'. During the project phase, workshops were held for the editorial team to provide detailed consultation on the use of the censhare system with its capacity to adapt flexibly to individual needs so as to achieve optimum integration of all staff in the editorial workflow.

The centerpiece of the package is censhare's Digital Asset Management , which allows a highly simplified link-up with external staff and service providers as required. But the company has been impressed by the package's many other benefits, too: one crucial aspect of streamlined print media production is the use of Adobe InDesign and InCopy, which are of course fully integrated in the Omnichannel Content Management . What is more, the censhare Page Planning provides an interface to Journal Designer, thereby enabling management of magazine structure and advertisement bookings. In addition, a content editor was specially developed for the project which allows recipes to be captured in media-neutral XML format so that they can also be published on other output channels.

Anke Krohmer likes the efficiency of the censhare platform because it means that staff can be involved in production on a topic basis, entirely independent of their location. Whether in Geneva, Hamburg or Munich - everyone is "right in on the action even though they are somewhere else, thanks to censhare." According to head layouter Katharina Schindler-Schwede this really does make for a "fast, innovative and highly creative approach".

"Cleverly organized" - this is the unanimous verdict on the censhare program, which suddenly provides a central, easy-to-manage platform for media assets such as layouts, texts, visuals and much more besides. Basic operations such as digital image selection and even sheet planning as a whole can now easily be handled from a remote location. This is because individual contributions by all those involved can be processed synchronously and in a clearly structured manner. In this way, every staff member has access to the very latest status at all times. This system is especially effective for communicating with external photographers and authors - "It's very smooth, very direct and very fast", says managing editor Sonja Vignold.

And because the censhare system is media-neutral, the team is already thinking seriously about using the material for other channels such as web, mobile and TV.

To put our work with censhare in a nutshell, I can say we are producing a lean, efficient and highly modern publication.

Anke Krohmer
Editor in chief

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Hubert Burda Media is one of the largest media companies in Germany. As a global player with numerous subsidiaries and international brands, Hubert Burda Media operates on a global level. Burda is on a course of expansion, extending its activities through acquisitions (print and online) at the current locations and in other strategic markets as well as through strong organic growth in the existing international locations.

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