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Monday Morning Memo: What’s Trending in CX, the Importance of Data, and Something for Those New to Content Marketing

Monday Morning Memo:  What’s Trending in CX, the Importance of Data, and Something for Those New to Content Marketing

Happy Monday! This week I want you to visualize the place where I began curating this weekly marketing and technology roundup…Times Square. This volcanic eruption of marketing is a great representation of the internet – with every surface of every building simply dripping with content, once strong marketing messages jostle with each other for attention creating an overwhelming atmosphere in which only the bright lights stand out. And the internet is no different. Even the smallest advantage a marketer gains can be vital to raising their brand above the noise, and by keeping up with the latest industry trends you stand a chance of achieving this. These five articles are a great place to start.

The Five Top Trends In Customer Experience Management In 2018 and Beyond – Digital Clarity Group

According to a recent PwC survey, seventy-five percent of more than 1,300 chief executives said that technology will either significantly or completely reshape their industry over the next 5 years, and 23% of those believe that technology will completely reshape their industry. As customer experience continues to be a top initiative for digital transformation, understanding the current trends is important to every business.
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How to Tame, or to Blame, a Market? Get Data! – Gartner

As I mentioned recently in a webinar , data is what makes companies relevant today. Being able to harness and actually use data, however, is easier said than done. This article explains how Google, Amazon, and Facebook have mastered the art of data and as a result are poised to do unprecedented things. But should they be stopped by measures such as GDPR or other regulatory hurdles?
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7 Ways to Make Vendor Technology Demonstrations More Useful – CMS Wire

The search for the right software solution and eventually vendor can be an arduous task. It’s easy to spin wheels and get distracted by shiny objects. This piece, featuring a past Inside censhare guest, Cathy McKnight , aims to help you through one of the most important parts of the selection process.
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4 Ways You Can Use AI to Enhance Every Step of the Customer Journey – Entrepreneur

From better personalization to chatbots, AI can enhance the customer journey. While there is still a lot of apprehension in investing in AI, the truth is, the right solutions and the right strategy can give you a leg up on your competition.
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New To Content Marketing? Here's What You Need To Know – Forbes

Content marketing is truly as simple as it sounds; produce and publish content for the purpose of marketing. While it’s cost effective and accessible to even small companies, however, there are certain caveats and intricacies which need to be taken into account (read it’s not as simple as producing and publishing content). This article is for those just starting out in content marketing.
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Douglas Eldridge Douglas Eldridge

Doug Eldridge manages marketing content from our US headquarters in Denver, Colorado. He started marketing for a DAM company because he thought it’d be easy, after all, once a dam is erected it’s saving the lives of anyone on one side and creating a wonderful lake for people on the other. Once he realized he was marketing for software company he became agile quickly and became a leading expert on semantic databases. While away from his DAM job he is a typical Coloradan, which means a lot of time in mountains and breweries.


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