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Inside censhare: Putting the No-Silo Theory into Practice at censhare, with Dieter our CEO

At censhare, we refer to breaking down silos within organizations with our technology. In a previous Inside censhare we learned about what inspired this mission from Dieter Reichert, our CEO.

But, do we practice what we preach?

Of course, we do! And in this week’s Inside censhare, I continue my conversation with Dieter and learn about how we are applying those same no-silo concepts to our own organization and in doing so, get a great insight into his approach for managing a high growth technology business.

The first phrase you hear from Dieter on this subject is “Family approach”, which is very much the culture here. However, all the best business books will tell you this is great when you are 100 people, it’s very difficult to maintain this culture as you grow.

But, to me, it still feels that way, yet we are now tipping the scales at over 250 people – so how does Dieter approach this as we’ve virtually doubled in size in 2017 and continue to grow?

In response Dieter talks about the quality of our people and shares the circles concept of managing teams. How we are making decisions by empowering a transparent network of cross discipline teams to self-manage the business.

As Dieter explains, it’s a transformation of the business to a different style of management, that requires everyone to not only be empowered, but needing to be open to critics, new ideas, to solve problem, whether it’s about a technical issue with the product or the office.

I won’t share all the contents of the video here, it’s a fascinating approach and another peak Inside censhare and what makes us tick, I hope you enjoy it.

With all this growth comes a lot of open positions, so stop by our careers page , we are looking for people in almost all departments and geographies.

Ian Truscott Ian Truscott

Ian Truscott has the unofficial and honory title of the “Träger des Firmen-Megaphons” for censhare, bringing 20 years of B2B software experience to our company (surely starting as a child) to lead marketing here. Luckily for us in the Munich office, he’s found the kettle and some tea bags – look at him, he’s happy.