In this series of blogs, we like to share some of the great things our customers are doing with censhare. This time around we talk about ORT Gruppe , a German media group using censhare to accelerate its clients’ successes.

Agents of Change

“72% of CEOs estimate the next three years will be more critical to their sector than the past 50 years,” says Rüdiger Pläster. He’s the executive managing director of the German media agency with six locations and 250 staff. Although ORT Gruppe is nearly 50 years old, Pläster isn’t one to dwell on past successes. “If we'd stuck to what we were doing 20 years ago, we wouldn't be here today,” he says. “We see ourselves as agents of change.”

That’s why the group is on a permanent quest to make small improvements to its operations through technology. For example, it’s reached the point where it can automate 95% of a client’s processes and templates using censhare.

Content Automation Proves a HIT

All ORT’s clients use censhare - including HIT, a German supermarket. HIT, which has 200 sites across the country, was looking for a new customer experience platform , with digital signage and an app, as well as advertising, websites, product packaging, customer service and product delivery.

Using censhare, ORT and IT integrator MSP were able to meet HIT’s three project goals:

  • Maximum automation of content processes and templates

  • Omnichannel content management with strong emphasis on mobile channels

  • On demand customization and special editions for local HIT markets

Academics Give Project the Thumbs Up

ORT has completely integrated HIT’s print, web, and app channels. Researchers at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences worked out that the project has improved efficiency at the retailer by 35%.

HIT puts out 200 brochure editions each week with censhare and released 20 catalogs in 2018, as well as 3,000 personalized advertising assets. In total, censhare helps generate 500,000 assets per year for the supermarket

Pläster says that one of the reasons that projects like the HIT transformation succeed is because the projects are managed in an agile way. ORT looks to deliver value as quickly as possible at each stage, breaking things down into small phases to tackle problems as they occur. The company’s philosophy is that experimentation and iteration are key, and long range plans of 18 months are doomed to failure. It’s this approach that’s led to such impressive figures - 75% of ORT’s clients have been with the firm for more than ten years and the company has generated a profit in every one of its 47 years of existence.

Read the success story in full to learn more about how ORT uses censhare with its customers, including HIT, or take a look at the headline figures in this one minute infographic .

The implementation of censhare for all campaigns and channels has brought extreme increase in efficiency and falling costs for Vitra.

Automation Delivers Efficiency Gains

A censhare customer success story - discover how ORT Gruppe relies on censhare to solve the business problems of customers like HIT. Efficiency gains of 35% and more highlight the success achieved.

Read Success Story
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