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Super Fast Database Technology Matched to Your Needs

Find the right content in an instant and use it where it adds most value to all your marketing.

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Understand Your Content in New Ways

Universal Content Management deploys powerful semantic database technology that creates relationships between digital assets for new insight into content and how it is used. This leading edge database lets you naturally find the content you need in the moment you need it. This is enabled by the platform, the products DAM, PIM, and Content Management, and optional modules for a range of specific use cases.


efficiency in producing advertising materials


content reuse targets realized


faster content production process


different databases replaced with one


saved annually by reusing assets


Find the right content quickly and intuitively, no matter how large your database.

  • Cut the time needed to find relevant content using the fast, intelligent semantic database

  • Near instant search no matter how large the database or how many users are on the system

  • Deploy the solution in your data center, the cloud, or the censhare data center

  • Flexibly expand the database for new demands such as new data sources or document types

Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create omnichannel marketing campaigns. Combine DAM with PIM and CMS to automatically transform assets for delivery across channels or create a 'Single Source of Truth' of product related information.

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Advanced technologies create a single, future proof platform for all your marketing content needs. The platform includes a powerful Digital Asset Management solution that can be augmented with a range of optional products and modules to meet your specific requirements.

Semantic Database Structure

Achieves class leading performance with comparatively low infrastructure requirements when combined with advanced indexing technology.

  • Rapid transaction processing of structured data (Online Transaction Processing – OLTP)

Search Engine

For all content and metadata.

  • Rapid and complex searches in structured data via any criteria (Online Analytical Processing – OLAP)

  • Rapid searches in unstructured content, e.g. text (information retrieval), and combined with searches in structured data

Performance and Scalability

Performance, stability and low resource use with a modular structure for easy scaling.

  • Excellent single instance performance

  • Vertical and horizontal scalability


Enable transfer and consolidation of data from most systems for use in the platform.

Multi Tenancy (optional)

Add business units, external clients, brands or sub-brands to your censhare environment.

Front End Technology

The web based client is a rich Internet application using the latest web technologies to support modern web browsers.

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / TypeScript, Angular and AngularJS

  • Single page web application

  • No installation of additional software or plugins

  • Alternatively, a native Java based client can be used

Domain Management

Functions for assigning digital assets and selected master data to specific users and user groups.

  • Users and user groups can be restricted to access and use just templates and content assets that have been approved for their domain

  • Two independent domain trees available

  • Flexible configuration to match business needs

File Management

Manage physical files and their metadata within censhare and distributed file systems.

  • Separated storage of metadata and files

  • Metadata of assets are stored in the core database

  • Files are stored in the traditional file system

  • Distributed file systems supported

  • Archiving and file replication supported

  • Offline database supported

User, Role, and Permission Management

Manage permissions and functionality for users with individual roles and rights.

  • Granular rights management for roles and users

  • Bespoke interface for administrators

  • Control access to and editing of selected data, features and objects based on user, user role, user group, region, country and more

  • User management uses the semantic database structure for flexibility when assigning user permissions

Workspace Management

  • Six default user interface languages: US English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

  • User workspaces save all changes that a user makes in that workspace

  • Workspaces can be defined for users, user groups and roles

  • Workspace settings will always be applied on user login

Sharing, Collaboration and Workflows

Content focused collaboration across the organization.

  • Check in/check out functionality

  • Temporary download links with optional landing pages

  • Initiate a conversation on any asset and add recipients

  • Integrated message application

  • Add sticky text notes to any asset with previews

  • Unlimited number of fully customizable workflows and sequential workflow steps


Features and settings to define user access rules, password rules, timeouts, and backup schedule.

  • Granular permissions define who can access or edit which assets

  • Rights can be assigned to individual users or groups of users

  • User rights managed through a bespoke administrator interface

  • Protected client versions without administrative features (optional)

  • SSL-encrypted client server communication

  • Strong access management

  • Encrypted passwords

  • Expiring passwords (optional)

  • User changeable passwords (optional)

  • Enforcement of best practice password policies concerning length, complexity, history, age, etc.

  • Customizable requirements for password strength using regular expressions

  • Password strength verification with immediate feedback to users

  • Support for server side creation and distribution of passwords

  • Automatic log out of inactive users

  • Regular backups that can be rolled back quickly

censhare Modules

The censhare platform is a powerful tool that can be matched to your needs by adding optional modules. Need to manage print, produce variants efficiently, develop localized content or get your web assets in order? censhare has the module for you.

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