What’s going on in [R]etailing?!

Learn from experiences, best practices and through bespoke research about the diverse opportunities that the digital landscape is bringing to retail growth.

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For 30 years, What’s going on in [R]etailing has been the meeting place for Retailers and Brands looking for inspiration, new insights and valuable contacts with industry peers. The broad program focuses on all facets of online, offline & hybrid shopping and the strategic choices made by the leaders and disruptors in the market.

CEO of censhare Northwest Europe B.V. Pieter Stroop van Renen presents on September 29 in Maarssen his keynote speech “The content-rocket for retail”.

Hear about:

  • Retailers integrating all Product Infomation and Digital Assets into a central platform
  • Providing more channels with up to date content
  • Less manual work for marketers when setting up campaigns
  • censhare's graph database technology to bring millions of marketing assets together in 1 platform
“The content-rocket for retail”

Meet the censhare team at this year's What’s going on in [R]etailing?!

September 29, 2022
InnStyle, Maarssen

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  1. Pieter_Stroop.jpg

    Pieter Stroop van Renen

    CEO, censhare Northwest Europe B.V.

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  2. MartinBerns.jpeg

    Martin Berns

    Digital Sales Representative, censhare NorthWest Europe B.V.

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  3. RikRentrop.jpeg

    Rik Rentrop

    Director Partners & Alliances, censhare NorthWest Europe B.V.

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