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From Hell to Hello

Turning content management complexity to communication

The digital consumer is a voracious beast, consumer content in ever greater amounts before making consumer decisions. The demand for relevant, multi-channel content has created an explosion of need within organizations.

In response brands are turning into media organisations and every business has a second business; publishing content.

Yet, most organisations are trying to feed that need through a complex, silo’d ecosystem of content systems and processes that were not always built for this purpose. This integration hell is hurting the agility of organisations trying to compete in a digitally disrupted world.

Read how to turn this hell to Hello with censhare’s no-silo content management solution, in the whitepapers, case studies and articles below.

Case Studies

Gartner Logo

Gartner Market Guide für Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management erlebt eine Renaissance, da Marketingverantwortliche vor neuen Herausforderungen in Bezug auf Volumen, Vielfalt und Tempo im Umgang mit digitalen Inhalten stehen.

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Why Marketers Need to Rethink

Plan for the audience instead of the platform: you'll directly respond to how consumers want to interact with your brand and produce targeted campaigns with a clear ROI.

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The New Age of Communications

Think locally, market globally: geo-targeting yields six times more engagement, meaning transcreating your content for different markets, languages and cultures is crucial to connecting with your audiences.

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